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Monthly Progress Report #30

Another month down - another progress report!

This is progress report #30 which means we’re up to 2.5 years of progress reports! Yay!!

First we need to talk about little man, Otto Stanley.

Otto has grown nearly 20 pounds in the six weeks we’ve had him, has had successful hernia surgery and learned to swim! He’s finally mostly pottying outside (score!) and he’s a champ when it comes to sit and shake. He’s also dang adorable!

Was I right or was I right? Isn’t he the cutest?! Not that I’m biased or anything.. but check out that Mets bandanna Mike’s mom made for him!

I could talk (read: brag) about him all day like the crazy dog mom I am but I’ll spare you for now because I have other things on my mind..

Mainly, I’m going back to the office tomorrow and experiencing so many emotions about it. I’m happy to go back but I’m also a little sad. 

Working from home is this introvert’s dream but having some human interaction will probably do me some good. Let’s be real, I spent the last year avoiding everyone and now have to learn to socialize again. I’m just kidding, it’ll be nice to see everyone in person again!

But worse than having to go back to the office is having to leave my boy at home alone! We’ve only had to leave him for short bursts so hopefully he does ok by himself. I’m sure he’ll be a trooper but I’m going to miss him so much!

Ugh I don’t even want to think about it! 

How about we talk about the reason we’re here instead? In case you missed it, here’s my last monthly progress report.

Alright, here we go!

As always we start with my debt:

Mortgage: $168,100
Car Loan: $26,500
Student Loans: $6,400
Credit Cards: $1,900
Grand Total of Debt: $202,900
My student loan balances

That’s $1,100 paid down during the month of June and we’re getting so close to getting below that nasty $200,000 figure. Yay!

Not much has been going on with my savings:

Savings account: $2,900
P2P Lending account: $100
Investment account: $1,800
Grand Total of Savings: $4,800

And by not much I mean absolutely nothing. That’s ok though. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to focus on my savings more.

Wish me luck for tomorrow! I have a feeling I’m going to need it.

Have a happy and safe Fourth of July!

As always -

Remember, we will get through this ❤️
Broke Dolly
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1 comment:

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