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Monthly Progress Report #29

It’s almost June but judging by the 40 degree rainy weather Mother Nature didn’t get the memo.

May brought a lot of change to our household. My best friend returned from Florida which makes me so happy to have her back and so much closer than she was before the big move even.

May was full of pool time (back when we were up in the 80s and nothing but sunshine!), driving around listening to our early 2000 playlists and so, so much laughter. Nothing is better than having your bestie back! It was a great start to summer.

Besides the return of an old friend, we welcomed our new best buddy into our life too. After losing our two old girls I was filled with anxiety about getting a puppy. How do you go from two well trained dogs to a puppy again? They’re cute but so much work!

And my anxiety was 100% justified, I have done nothing but pick up poop, get my ankles bitten and worry about our boy in some way hurting himself since we brought him home. I forgot how clumsy and curious puppies are! 

But even though I’m constantly saying “No!,” the smart cookie has learned to sit, shake, high five, lay down and speak (totally bragging because I’m pretty sure he’s rocket scientist material). Honestly even though he’s changed every thing about our life, I can’t imagine being without the little guy.

Here’s our new little man, Otto Stanley.

Our new addition - Otto Stanley

He’s a 12 week old Newfoundland and lover of pillows. He’s already over twenty pounds! Fun fact: he weighed the same that Sadie did at her first vet appointment.

Continuing the tradition started with Sadie, he was named after a family member and my mom was given the honor of choosing his middle name. Sadie was named after my dad’s grandmother, Otto was named after my grandfather’s uncle. There were seven boys in the family so we had some fun options to choose from! 

With all these happy changes going on it’s been a nice distraction from the world outside my little bubble. That bubble by the way will officially be popping come July 1st! 

That’s right, this girl is returning to the real world and going back to the office! I’m excited and nervous and feel like it’s the first day of the school year.. yeah, I’ll get to see all my friends again but I’ll also have to update my wardrobe and get up earlier. Can I handle it? Let’s hope so.

Leaving Otto won’t be easy but luckily I have my dad who happens to be the world’s best doggy grandpa. Otto got to stay with my dad and his Newfoundland Shel for a few hours the other day and everyone came out of it mostly unscathed. And Otto even got to eat a piece of hotdog so he’s already finding that grandpa is way more fun. 

Alright, enough of my ranting. Let’s get down to business! Before we get started maybe you’d like to check out my last monthly progress report?

All caught up now? 

Let’s do this!

As always we start with my debt:

Mortgage: $168,400
Car Loan: $26,900
Student Loans: $6,800
Credit Cards: $1,900
Grand Total of Debt: $204,000

My student loan balances

We’re trending in the right direction again! That’s $900 less than last month.

My credit card balances are a little higher this month but everything else is going down. But I’m happy with the progress I’m making on my student loans. I can even see the end nearing on one of them! Earlier than I expected too!

And here’s how my savings is looking:

Savings account: $2,900
P2P Lending account: $100
Investment account: $1,800
Grand Total of Savings: $4,800

That’s a $200 increase since April. I added $100 to my savings and $100 to my investment account. 

How have you guys been handling the transition back to the office with your pets? Anyone have any tips or tricks to get Otto to stop biting my pant legs? Or potty training tips? 

As always -

Remember, we will get through this ❤️
Broke Dolly
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