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Monthly Progress Report #23

Oh my goodness, it’s December. We’re past Thanksgiving and BAM! it’s now the holiday season.

You know what really brought that home for me? Christmas music in the grocery store.

It’s been a weird year. I’m still working from home. I didn’t go Black Friday shopping. I shop for Christmas gifts throughout the year. Like I knew it was coming but it seems so very abstract to me.

So yeah I knew Christmas was nearing closer as I planned on putting the tree up and pinning down the perfect date to bake cookies but the grocery store Christmas music is what really made me think... holy $&!@ it’s Christmas time!!

And I have to say I’m pretty proud of myself, I have everyone on my list done but my mother and my grandmother. But I know what I’m going to get them for the last few things so I’m relatively stress free!

It’s a good feeling. First because not knowing what to get someone as a gift stresses me right out. Secondly, the money that Christmas costs stresses me out. No matter what I do and how good I do during the year my credit card balances always seem to be a bit high this time of year.

I’m not complaining about the money. I love giving gifts. Especially when I know I nailed it and the person is going to love it. 

Talking about money seems like a good segue to get into the nitty gritty of my debt doesn't it?

I certainly don't have many opportunities to use the term segue. What a fun word though!

Maybe you’d like to catch up with all my going ons by taking a look at last month’s progress report?
All good? Ok, here we go!

Let’s take a look at my debt:

Mortgage: $145,000
Car Loan: $4,100
Student Loans: $9,200
Credit Cards: $2,700
Grand Total of Debt: $161,000

My student loan balances
Including my renovation fund:

Renovation fund requirement: $8,300
New Grand Total of Debt: $169,300

That’s a $550 reduction from last month. Meh. Not great.

As you see my renovation fund has remained unchanged. Work has continued and so have cost overruns. But man does everything look so dang amazing. I can’t even be too mad because ultimately the overruns have resulted in amazing results. 

And as I told you last month, I’m planning on refinancing to get a lower interest rate so we’ll see how things play out with that.

So for now I’ll keep the renovation fund unchanged.

Moving on to savings:

Savings account: $2,500
P2P Lending account: $150
Investment account: $750
Grand Total of Savings: $3,400

My investment account increased $100 due to market fluctuations.

I’m really looking forward to a time where I’m done with renovations and all the stress that comes along with them and I can add more to my savings.

One day. 
Hopefully sooner rather than later.

How’s everyone else making out with their holiday shopping? Anyone already done and wrapped? Those are the folks I’m always a bit envious of. I mean, who has it all that together?! I’ll be wrapping presents until at least the week of!

I hope everyone has a safe and healthy holiday season. 

As always -

Remember, we will get through this ❤️

Broke Dolly
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