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Monthly Progress Report #20

And just like that the air grows chilly at night, the sun sets earlier and fall rounds the corner. 

Truthfully, it makes me a little sad. I’m sad to see the end of summer every year. It’s not so much I dislike fall, it’s more like fall is just a reminder to me what comes next.

Don’t get me wrong - September is a great month - it’s my birthday month, the weather is still warm enough for a summer lover like me and it’s usually the month I take my two week vacation from work. 

Unfortunately, or maybe not, that two weeks is looking like it’ll be a staycation this year. Honestly I don’t hate it, that just means I get to catch up on some reading and binge watch awful reality tv shows Mike hates while he’s at work. 

But wouldn’t it be nice to be on a cruise or gambling in Vegas or touring the European countryside? 

Maybe next year. Or the year after that. 

Eventually it’ll be nice to do those things but first I’d love to get my debt more manageable. 

Besides the money aspect and a pandemic putting a damper on my vacation plans, September also coincides with another fall semester for me. Actually, my second to last ever fall semester. 

Unless I’m crazy enough to think I want a PhD. 

Who knows? I never really pictured myself with two master’s degrees. But only four more classes to go!

My classes are online so maybe I could justify a short trip somewhere but going away for like a week or more while taking a class would just make me unnecessarily stressed.

Anyways, back to my whole debt situation. Wanna check out where we were last month before going on?

All caught up?


Let’s take a look at my debt:

Mortgage: $145,700
Car Loan: $4,800
Student Loans: $7,150
Credit Cards: $2,250
Grand Total of Debt: $159,900

My student loan balances

Including my renovation fund:

Renovation fund requirement: $8,450
New Grand Total of Debt: $168,350

It’s been better than last month where everything that could go wrong seemed to. My debt went down $850, $1,150 including money I put towards the renovation fund.

How are the renovations coming you ask? Slowly. And unfortunately we’re talking about things that need to be done outside so the time we have to get everything completed is rapidly disappearing. 

Which means we’ll have to go into next year to complete everything. 

It’s kind of a double edged sword for me - would I love to have the renovations all done so I can finally just relax and enjoy them? Yes. Would I love to have the extra time to continue saving more money towards them so I don’t sit up at night worrying about coming up short? Yes.

So it is what it is. They’ll get done eventually.

That’s me trying to get a check on my frustration and go with the flow. Not. Easy.

But that first student loan is shrinking nicely so I’ll focus on the positives!

Now, let's take a look at my savings:

Savings account: $2,500
P2P Lending account: $200
Investment account: $550
Grand Total of Savings: $3,250

I’ve still been neglecting my savings throughout the renovation process but I gained $50 in my investment account from market fluctuations.

Has anyone been brave enough to travel recently? Tell me all about it. Where did you go? How was it? Would you do it again? Did you save loads of money?

Anyone else taking online classes? Are your kids back to school or are they still online? Schools around here seem to have opted for a half in school and half online curriculum. 

I hope everyone is staying safe and making the best out of things. For those of you in school - have a kick butt school year!

As always -

Remember, we will get through this ❤️

Broke Dolly
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