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Monthly Progress Report #11

Happy Halloween y’all! I hope you won the grand prize at the costume party and have enough left over candy to munch on throughout this coming holiday season!

My secret to having leftover candy? I get no trick-or-treaters (which makes me sad, because how cute are some of the little guys’ costumes?!) but I always buy a bag or two just in case! Oh well, better prepared than egged, as I always say! Just kidding, I’ve never said that. Ever.

But it’s ok, even though I don’t get to see any fun costumes after work I have a good time at work. Every year we have a costume contest and go all out - this year it was Disney themed - our floor chose Ralph Breaks the Internet (which in all honesty, I’ve never seen.) But, it’s all good, I got to don a green bob and a much cooler name - Swizzle Malarkey aka “the Swizz” - for the day.

But enough about Halloween, today is also the last day of the month! Which means it’s time for another monthly progress report. 

Before we go on, maybe you wanna check out September’s progress report? All caught up? Good, let’s take a look at October!

Lets start off with my debt balances:

Mortgage: $147,800
Car Loan: $7,200
Student Loans: $6,650
Credit Cards: $2,750 (Yes! Under that $3,000 mark again!)
Grand Total of Debt: $164,400

My student loan balances

That’s $1,050 lower than September’s number. Making progress over here!

And hopefully the progress doesn’t stop there, let’s take a look at my renovation fund (which by the way, I’m coming closer and closer to nailing down the actual number as we speak! Er, type.)

Renovation fund requirement: $13,200
New Grand Total of Debt: $177,600

Admittedly, $50 isn’t making such a huge dent but hey, some months are better than others. Also, while I’m working towards a realistic final figure, I’m hoping that the $13,200 estimated shortfall is on the high side. Only time will tell.

And let’s be real, I still suck at saving. Here’s how my savings accounts are looking:

Savings account: $2,000
P2P Lending account: $250
Investment account: $150
Grand Total of Savings: $2,400

You’re not crazy, that’s still the same number. But hopefully soon things will get better.

Overall, October wasn’t such a bad month. I’m $1,100 better off and hoping that this is a trend I can continue through the end of the year.

What did you do for Halloween? Did you go cute, spooky or funny this year? Group costume or solo? Did you take the kids trick-or-treating or go to a party? Tell me all about it!
Broke Dolly
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