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Adventures in Christmas Shopping: Call in the Reinforcements

Since Tara and I were beginning to lose a little steam on our Christmas shopping goal we decided to switch it up a little bit when we went shopping this past Saturday.

First, we skipped the month of May since so much was going on (seriously, as soon as the weather starts to get nicer, weekends seem to disappear). Then, we decided to ask our friend Gloria to come along. I figured telling Gloria all about my goal and then buying myself some new summer shirts was pointless, so it was time to buckle down and get some Christmas shopping done.

Honestly, I'm starting to sweat what I’m going to get my parents. I basically have nothing for them (especially my mom - sorry Mom!) and I’m getting nervous!

I did buy my dad a coffee mug at a specialty gift shop during May in order to make sure I stuck to my one gift a month rule. The total was $13.12 - expensive for a mug but I had bought him one last year and he dropped it. He specifically asked me to replace it so at least I know he'll like it!

My goal was to end the day with something for each of them. It didn’t matter if it was something small or big or cheap or expensive. I just needed to start making some progress.

We started our day with TJ Maxx. They had a ton of sneakers on clearance and I would love a new pair of running shoes but I don't like buying stuff at the first store we go to, especially for myself. So I passed. And now I'm hoping some will still be there on our next trip!

After TJ Maxx we headed down to Homegoods. The stores are so summered out now, I love it! I looked at patio furniture, coolers and picnic baskets (seriously, picnic baskets!) for a while before settling on a gift for my mom! Finally!

I passed up the pretty neat flamingo wine glasses and bought her a Yankee Candle. My mom is kind of a candle snob and won't burn anything but Yankee Candles. I mean, they are nice candles but they can be pretty pricey at $20+ for larger sizes so I was excited to see them at Homegoods!

Even cooler, these candles were scents that had been retired and brought back - they call them “Returning Classics.” I thought it was a neat little touch the label told you when the candle was originally made. Honestly, I was way too excited about these candles. But I'm still kind of excited just writing about them now.

If you totally get my excitement and decide to go out hunting for your own throwback candles, I have a word of advice for you - skip the Orange Creamsicle candle, it sounds like it should smell amazing but it's kind of a disappointment.

Honeydew Melon & Strawberry

Yeah, I actually bought two candles - because my candle drawer is empty and the scents were so good! I spent a total of $32.33 - so about $16 each. Not too bad for Yankee Candles.

Next we went to Macy's and checked out their Backstage area. At this point I decided it would be a good idea to pick up swim trunks for Mike as summer is really starting to get into full swing. I spent most of the time in the men's section looking at all the fun prints. Since Mike is 6'6" and likes board shorts the new short shorts style wasn't something I thought he would like but they had a decent selection.

Gloria had never been to a Macy's Backstage so it was great to see her try to take it all in. Ultimately she decided TJ Maxx and Marshalls were priced a little better and had a bigger selection. But to be fair both stores are at least twice the size. And not just stuck in the back of Macy's. I havehigh hopes for Backstage - I'd love to see Macy's expand their bargain section in the future.

I rounded out our mall visit with a pretzel while Tara and Gloria went for the healthier smoothie option. But is there anything as good as a nice warm mall pretzel? I don't think so. My pretzel set me back $3.99.

After the mall we headed over to TJ Maxx. Now that I was stuck on getting Mike swimming trunks I knew exactly what I was looking for. They had three options that would do - flamingos, elephants and little tiny sharks. All navy blue. I let him pick out which ones he liked best and to my surprise he went with -

Sorry about this shoddy photo -
obviously, I need to work on my photo skills!

- the elephants! I was pretty excited since they were my favorite too. I didn't buy anything else, so I got out of TJ Maxx fairly cheap - my total came to $10.73.

Our last stop was Burlington but by this point we were all pretty hungry so we didn't wander around too much. But they had a ton of swim trunks! I was happy with the elephants from TJ Maxx but Burlington had every color I could imagine.

We ended the day with hibachi. It was a perfect end to a nice girls' day. My portion of dinner was $26.93. I know that sounds expensive but it was more than enough food to have for dinner the next night. And it was delicious.

Total for the day: $73.98. I've been doing good keeping myself under my $100 limit!

Total for non-Christmas items: $57.81

Cumulative total for Christmas 2019: $223.75

Overall, I'm going to say it was a success. It was nice to have Gloria come along and keep us on track a little bit. We definitely needed a little change of pace. 

And I'm happy I finally bought something for my mom! I didn't find anything for my dad but at least I have a couple things for him stashed away.

How are you guys enjoying the nice weather? Have you found the perfect swimsuit for this summer?
Broke Dolly
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