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Cell Phone Bill Got You Down? Check Out Verizon Up

Ok, I have something I need to tell you if you have your cell phone through Verizon. After spending Black Friday in line with my dad for him to upgrade his phone I learned something important - not everyone is signed up for Verizon Up.

Crazier still not everyone even knows what it is. It was a pretty long line and I have plenty of time to assess my fellow shoppers. I mentioned it was Black Friday right? Yeah, lots of time.

After all that time researching I decided something needed to be done about everyone’s lack of knowledge about this great little rewards program. Then I sat on it for three or four months. Because I’m super on top of things. But the time has come. We need to talk about Verizon Up. Finally, here’s  my little PSA.

If you have a Verizon monthly plan (unfortunately, prepaid plans are ineligible), you need to sign up for Verizon Up. Period. It’s free money. Or tickets to really cool events if you’re more into that than free moolah towards your next phone upgrade or gift cards.

I’ve had Verizon Up for over a year and when I decided to upgrade my phone I received $60 in credit towards my new phone. The redemption process was as easy as clicking a button and showing the Verizon rep. I was so proud.

Now, let me let you in on my little secret, earning Verizon Up credits couldn’t be easier. Sign up in your Verizon app and all you have to do is pay your monthly bill. Simple, right?! I mean, you already do that now. Once you spend $300 towards Verizon bill payments, excluding taxes and fees, you earn one credit.

Credits expire within 60 days so make sure to log in frequently enough to prevent any credits going to waste. I usually check every month when I get a text saying my bill was paid.

And all the rewards? Well they only cost one credit (some are even free!)!

There’s four type of rewards:

1) Earned rewards. I’m obviously partial to the $5-$10 credit towards my next upgrade. I know it doesn’t sound like much but you know my personal philosophy - any little bit adds up!

If you’re not looking to upgrade anytime soon, there’s always $5 gift cards to several retailers available. Right now the offerings are Nordstrom, Barnes & Noble, Ulta, Lowe’s and the Apple App Store. Also available is 50% off of an Uber ride. See, something for everyone just for paying your bill.

2) Local offers. Discounted local offers on dining and activities exclusive to Verizon Up members. They’re a nice little member perk and no credit is required to claim a local offer.

3) Bonus rewards. More member perks. They’re similar to local offers but well, not local. They might be a discount or a bonus. Think free audio books on Audible. Similar to local offers, no credit is required to claim bonus rewards

4) Super tickets. Oh yeah, about those tickets.. Verizon calls them Super Tickets. There’s a countdown ahead of time to when certain tickets will be available and one credit gets you into some pretty cool events! I’ve seen Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake tickets offered so it’s definitely stuff you’d probably be interested in going to see. And if you live near the event it’s totally cool. But that’s probably never going to happen for me so I’m sticking with my credit towards my next upgrade. And let’s be real here for a second, a countdown clock indicates some pretty crazy competition to me - no thanks, I prefer my rewards to be pretty chill.

A word of warning - like credits, rewards also expire. Just make sure to pay attention to the expiration date after you claim a new reward.

If you’re like my friends and family members that I’ve told about Verizon Up, you’re thinking to yourself it can’t be that simple. I’m here to tell you, it really is. If you have a Verizon smartphone plan (not a business  account or prepaid), you’re over 18 and live in the US, it’s a no brainer to download the app and start earning credits now.

Do you already use Verizon Up? What have you been redeeming you’re credits for? If you’re not already a member, have I convinced you to give it a go? If not, I’m willing to go over the benefits again. Just kidding, you can reread them yourself! But seriously, don’t miss out on super easy free money. I mean it’s not like you’re not going to want a new iPhone when it comes out, right?!
Broke Dolly
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1 comment:

  1. I love Verizon Up! So far I've redeemed for an Amazon gift card and other gift cards.