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Vintage Love: Newburgh Vintage Emporium

Disclosure: This post may contain third party affiliate links. When you click on an affiliate link within a post Broke Dolly may earn a small commission which helps support the blog and content (at no cost to you). Please check the disclosure and privacy policy pages for more details. Thank you so much for your kindness and support. 

President’s Day weekend was a busy weekend. As you know, my mom and I were on the hunt for lounge chairs and we made quite a few stops along the way. One of those stops was to an old favorite - the Newburgh Vintage Emporium.

Located in Newburgh, NY, the Newburgh Vintage Emporium is over 11,000 square feet of antique, vintage and locally handmade goods offered by 50 different dealers. I love going to Newburgh Vintage, it’s true I love going to any place like it, but Newburgh Vintage is one of my favorites. Besides the fact that it’s close to home, the selection is amazing - they offer everything from old records to custom made furniture - and although 11,000 square feet is nothing to scoff at, it’s on the smaller range of antique malls I’ve vistited so as not to be overwhelming.

Quick side note: I was surprised how many lawn chairs and other patio furniture was out for sale in front of the store in the dead of winter. Even better, when I asked the price of an unmarked pair the gentleman helping me texted the dealer and heard back within a minute. Responsive sellers are the absolute best! Besides how impressed I was with the dealer, I have to say all of the staff was helpful and friendly.

Here’s a little virtual tour of all the amazing things you can find at the Newburgh Vintage Emporium:

Check out those awesome light fixtures! If only they were for sale! Just about everything else in the picture is though. Aren't those retro stools fabulous?

Unfortunately, I was too obsessed with the light fixtures I totally forgot to take a photo facing the other way so you could see just how much stuff Newburgh Vintage has! I’m new at this, next time I promise to be smarter with my picture taking!

These blue chairs are pretty cute  (and the same electric blue color as the stools above) but I’m in love with that yellow enamel pot marked “Made in Poland.” Of course I am. I’m pretty predictable. I didn’t buy it because it didn’t have a lid (and I just bought a smaller orange version the day before) but I seriously regret it now. I know it won’t be there when I go back. If you see something you love, you’ll have to act fast!

I have way too much hanging on my walls already, but how great is that toucan artwork? It’s simultaneously subtle and bold. The red N is a nice little detail too.

Alright, I’ll admit I took this photo originally because I liked the plastic camping gear. Not that I do much camping at all, or any camping for that matter. Then when I got home and started sorting through the pictures I took, I found the real gem in this photo - those butterfly stacking tables hiding out towards the back.

I’ve always been a huge fan of mid-century modern. I know I’m not unique in anyway because everyone is now a fan of MCM but I can’t help it. Look at all that great MCM furniture at Newburgh Vintage! That orange chair is really something! And that tile table is a real piece of art!

Yellow Toy Kitchen

Look what I found a few booths over, another mid-century dresser! But that’s not even the best thing in this photo! I love the wall mount. I’m not 100% sure what it even is. My best guess is a ram. But don’t rams have horns? Who knows. Full disclosure here, I do have a metallic deer head in my bedroom and multiple horns strewn about my house. None of it is from a real animal, I’m all for the friendly version of animal heads like that wooden ram (yeah, I’m most definitely going with ram) head.

And thank goodness I don’t have children because I had my lawn chairs in the back of the car and have no idea how I would have brought home their brand new kitchen! I absolutely will force my love of yellow on my future children. I mean, everyone likes yellow anyways, right?! I know that's not true. I might be solo here but the color seriously makes me happy!

Brass Tie Rack

Alright, moving on to more practical gifts. Mike almost got this tie rack. I mean the i in ties is a tie! Get it? Yeah, I didn’t think Mike would appreciate it as much as I did either. And my mom hates when I say things like this but I think it would have made a pretty good spray paint makeover candidate.

Books! I love books - old and new. But there's something about digging through old books that puts a smile on my face. I especially love when they have old inscriptions in them. On one hand, I'm disappointed that whomever the book was given to didn't keep such a personal gift (or their family or friends didn't keep it). On the other hand, it gives you a peek inside someone's life - a little glimpse at their story. Besides, how nice does a full bookshelf look? Yeah, I'm not giving up on paper books for a Kindle anytime soon!

This is one of those booths where I just love everything. Every. Single. Time. Whoever this dealer is, I should see if they’re interested in redecorating my house. Alright, so I don’t LOVE deer heads on the wall, but those lockers?! I’ve been desperately searching for a reason to purchase lockers beyond the fact that they’re dang cool looking. I suppose storage qualifies as a good reason. I’m also infatuated with the blue desk. The wide dark planks are just amazing.

Gold Bowling Pin

Here’s something you probably didn’t know about me: I have a bowling pin collection. Why? Because I bought one for $1 at a yard sale a while back because I thought it was cool. Since then I have been gifted several more. I still think they’re cool. Especially when they’re a different color. This guy, an old wooden pin, was painted a glimmering gold. I don’t have a gold one but since I’ll probably get one as a gift eventually I didn’t buy it. Also, how awesome are old saw blades? I could get down with them for decor.

Hudson Valley Antiques Weekend

This weekend (starting today), the Newburgh Vintage Emporium and some three other area antique stores are hosting the “Hudson Valley Antiques Weekend.” There will be special discounts and a raffle! I’m not sure what the grand prize is but I’m excited to find out.

Do you have any exciting plans this weekend? You know where I’ll be - hopefully buying a yellow enamel pot that's still there! If you’re local,  I hope you’ll check it out too!
Broke Dolly
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  1. I love walking through antique shops! I used to do this with my mom as well, for fun. Looks like you found some good stuff here!

    1. They are the best aren't they? There must be so many stories on those shelves. I'm still a little upset I didn't buy anything :) Not spending money is hard! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I LOVE antique! They're sooo amazing and it makes you wonder what kind of history or story goes behind each object. My mum is also a huge fan of antiques, so once, when I went on a holiday with my friends, I brought home 4 shot glasses with a rose design on it. I found it in an antique store and it was apparently from 1950! Thank you for sharing this lovely post!

    1. I'm totally with you in your love for antiques. Isn't it great when you find something with such history?!