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Goodbye Old Friend: the Death of CashCrate

About a month ago I wrote my post about how you can make money online. Included on that list was an old favorite of mine - CashCrate.

I’ve had a CashCrate account forever. I mean, years and years. It might have been the first rewards program I ever joined. Since then I’ve tried just about every app and website that rewards or pays for everything from traveling to watching tv. If I actually wrote out the list there would be a laughable amount of things companies have gathered information on me for.

I suppose I’m willing to give away all my secrets for the promise of a few gift cards.

Earlier this week, my mother called me with the sad news. CashCrate is closing up shop. Or in my mother’s words, “CashCrate is no more.” Since my mother has a tendency to overreact and embellish I thought maybe she had skipped over the details of revamping the site or something to that effect.

And yes, I recommended CashCrate to my mother. She also has a tendency to sign up for all of these apps and sites. I guess I had to have gotten it from somewhere. It certainly wasn’t from my father who greets our enthusiasm over these sites with an eye-roll. Surprisingly, my mother and I often differ in our opinion over just which one is the best but CashCrate has always been one we both consistently liked.

Unfortunately, my mother was right (I’m sure she’ll be glad to see that in writing!) When I logged into my CashCrate account I was greeted with a banner telling me it’s officially over. The company announced they will no longer be accepting new registrations and the program will close down completely on March 31st.

After years together (I gave you almost all of my twenties CashCrate!), CashCrate is recommending I find someone new to send me checks. They even compiled a list of their recommended replacements. Don’t get me wrong, I might be sad, but I will definitely be checking out that list.

A sneak peek at the replacement list

If I’m being completely honest, I haven’t used CashCrate actively in quite some time. I haven’t completed an offer in forever and I can’t remember the last time I filled out a survey for them that actually credited. But I would still check in everyday for the $.03 they offered. They’d mail me a check when I reached $20 and I had no complaints.

I know, CashCrate really isn’t abandoning me. I abandoned it. I found another rewards site that had more options. Ironically, a rewards site that CashCrate paid me to sign up for - Swagbucks. Swagbucks just ended up offering more ways to make a little extra cash and eventually I stopped trying to earn seriously on CashCrate. But I never thought the option to go back would be gone. I am genuinely a little sad. And guilty. I was obviously part of the problem.

There is a slight silver lining here. CashCrate has partnered with SwagBucks! CashCrate members who are not already on Swagbucks can join through the link on CashCrate and earn $20 in Swagbuck bonuses. If you’re not a member of either site, it looks like using CashCrates signup link will earn you $15 in Swagbuck bonuses.

CashCrate's Swagbucks offer

And as you already know, I’m a fan of Swagbucks. Definitely join if you’re looking for a site that can give you a little extra income. Besides the fact that it really is a good site (CashCrate did me proud in their partnering up!), earning $15-$20 right off the bat is a nice perk!

So RIP CashCrate (2006-2019). 13 years was a good run. I wish you stuck around a little longer but I get it. I’ll always remember you fondly.

Is anyone else sad to see CashCrate go? Or did you abandon it for another site along the way like I did? What site do you use or will you use now?
Broke Dolly
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