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Get the Inside Scoop on Macy’s Markdowns & Other Ways to Save

As you know I’m on my year long Christmas shopping binge. And I have the perfect idea for a January gift but I’m still not so sure about the price. What is my fabulous idea? Behold, the sweetest men’s dress shoe I’ve ever seen:

Freakin’ fabulous amirite?  I love them. And I know someone else who will love them too. My issue? $36.93 is still more than I want to pay. Do I think it’s a great price? Yes. Do I think I can do better? I hope so.

Besides I still have plenty of time to check off all the items on my Christmas  shopping list. Like eleven months worth of time. Quick side note - the IT guy at work laughed when I showed him my fabulous find which gave me pause. But only for a second because I think everyone should wear whatever shoes they like. And if you’re wearing pink shoes, I’m going to compliment you because I just know they’re awesome and you’re awesome for wearing them.

So since I’ve been in this should I or shouldn’t I pattern and frantically googling how Macy’s sales work I figured I would impart some of my newfound knowledge on you.

1) Know how the markdown schedule works. According to Rather-be-Shopping, Macy’s is pretty famous for starting their markdowns on Sunday and finishing up by Tuesday. Good news for this girl as were coming up on a fresh round of markdowns!

2) Pay attention to Last Act deals. Bad news is according to the Krazy Coupon Lady, Macy’s Last Act deals are only marked down once a month according to inventory. Ok, still not bad and maybe I’ll get lucky?

Last Act is one of my favorite things about Macy’s. Super discounted items that you actually want to purchase. I found a pair of Kate Spade heels I just love (multi-color glitter!!) at a Last Act rack in a Philadelphia Macy’s and it has since become some sort of addiction. Seriously, if you get one thing out of my blog, I’ll be happy knowing it’s the necessity of the Last Act sections at Macy’s. Go find them (there’s usually one in men’s, women’s, kid’s and housewares)! And then tell me what great deals you found.

3) Know how to decode clearance tags. With the name Last Act, maybe you’re thinking I’m crazy for hoping I’ll get a better deal? Nope! The Krazy Coupon Lady pulled through for me again with the wisdom that blue clearance price tags end with a three (such as my $36.93 shoes!) and are at the point of the second to last mark down. Final clearance price items are the ones with yellow tags ending in a six. Act fast on those guys!

Since my shoes (like how I’ve taken to calling them mine already even though I haven’t purchased them and will never wear them? They’re still my gift idea so I think it’s ok) are only on the second to last markdown and they still have them in every single size I think I’m going to be just fine waiting. And the $20-$30 territory looks oh so good. One more word of advice - all Last Act items will have blue or yellow tags. White tags are better deals than they first appear. If you see a white tag make sure to get a price check and watch out for a price ending in a three or six.

4) Don't forget a coupon. The downside to the Last Act section? As you can see in the above picture “coupon excluded” means no coupon codes will work. Total bummer. If your item isn’t coupon excluded always make sure to do a quick google search to see if you can find a coupon code. Or if you’re a hardcore online shopper and don’t have the time to always be googling coupon codes, install a coupon tool bar that’ll automatically do the work for you. I haven’t taken this step yet but if you have suggestions I’m always willing to do things that’ll save me money. I know, I’m a little surprised at my slacking too.

5) Utilize Macy's Money. If you’re addicted to Kohl’s Cash, know Macy’s offers Macy’s Money (I seriously didn’t know this was a thing two days ago) which is basically the same idea as Kohl's Cash. During the earning period you may have to buy online originally but Macy’s Money can be redeemed online or in store and combined with coupons. You can also earn and use Macy’s Money on Last Act items. Like Kohl’s Cash, Macy’s Money has a specific redemption period. But who cares? It’s free money! There’s no promo going on right now but they display the information on their website so it’s something to keep an eye on. Especially if you’re a frequent Macy’s shopper.

6) Don't be afraid to ask for a price adjustment. Macy’s also offers a price adjustment if the item you bought goes on sale within ten days of your purchase. If you bought an iPhone you have 14 days and if you bought another Apple product you have 30 days. All you have to do is call them up and they’ll refund you the difference between the original price you paid and the lower sale price. Just maybe I will purchase those shoes a little sooner after all.

Are you a big Macy's shopper? Do you have any other money saving tips for me?
Broke Dolly
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