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Earn Cash with Shopkick by Walking Into Stores. Seriously!

Disclosure: This post may contain third party affiliate links. When you click on an affiliate link within a post Broke Dolly may earn a small commission which helps support the blog and content (at no cost to you). Please check the disclosure and privacy policy pages for more details. Thank you so much for your kindness and support. 

If you remember a little while back I wrote a post about how to make money online which included all of my favorite sites and apps that, you guessed it, you can use to make some extra money. Since I’ve been on a shopping kick lately, well since I’m always on a shopping kick, I figured I would start with a little Shopkick tutorial.

I just noticed the irony of the name. Clever, Shopkick, very clever.

I have been using Shopkick since 2013. In that time I have redeemed $95 worth of gift cards (turns out my redemption history is solely Target and TJ Maxx gift cards because I’m super predictable). So, no, I’m not getting rich off of Shopkick but I’m never going to complain about free money.

So how does it work? It’s simple! Really simple, I promise.

Shopkick pays you in kicks which can then later be redeemed for gift cards, cash through PayPal (which was just recently added in November and is my new favorite option!) and even products like a Vespa! You’ll need a lot of kicks (1.8 million!) to earn that Vespa but if you’re a frequent shopper I’m rooting for you! In the past I’ve also seen a KitchenAid mixer up for grabs, which I would recommend to anyone. I love my KitchenAid, especially around the time I bake 20 dozen Christmas cookies.

As for the gift cards, 500 kicks will hey you a $2 gift card, 1,250 kicks a $5 gift card, 2,500 kicks a $10 gift card, 6,250 a $25 gift card and in some cases 12,500 a $50 gift card. There are more expensive options such as 75,000 kicks for $300 at Tiffany’s and 62,500 for $250 at Tory Burch. Gift card amounts available vary by stores but there are a ton of options, from Fandango to Walmart.

 If you’re redeeming for cash, 1,300 kicks will get you $5, 2,550 $10 and 6,300 $25. I know the cash ends up being slightly more “expensive” but my plan will be to put it towards debt. And since I’m not always in the market for a gift card, since gift cards somehow make me justify spending more money, it’s a trade off I’m willing to make.

Now that we talked about what you can get let’s talk about how you can earn some kicks so you can get your gift cards (or your new Vespa!) 

There are a couple of ways to earn kicks:

1) Just by walking into stores! By far my most used feature of Shopkick. Just open up your app when you walk into participating stores. As of today, participating stores near me include: Walmart, Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, Target, American Eagle, Modell’s, Best Buy, Carter’s and Jockey.

Walk-in kicks usually range from 10 to 75, however sometimes one of the stores offers 150 - 200 kicks. Since I’m always going to a few of the above stores, every time I go shopping I earn kicks. In the past JC Penney and Macy’s also participated. HomeGoods disappeared for a while and came back so I’m hoping that there’s hope they may appear again in the future.

2) Scanning specific items. Stores that don’t even give walk-in kicks still allow you to scan items like Dollar General, ShopRite, CVS and Rite Aid.  The app will show you a specific item, once you find the item just scan the barcode and you’ll be rewarded with kicks. Most scans reward you ten to 35 kicks.

3) Watching short videos. Under the discover tab of the app you can watch short videos to earn kicks. The videos usually pay one to three kicks. The bonus is that the videos usually teach you something new about the app. Or at the very least you may discover a cool new product to try.

4) Scanning receipts. Remember that video you just watched promoting that fun new product? Good news! You can buy the product at a participating store and earn kicks for your purchase. If you select the little blue receipt logo next to your local grocery store you can see all the products that you may already buy or may want to try that will earn kicks.

5) Linking your credit card. If you link your card then make a purchase at a store with 1/$1 or 2/$1 next to it (remember to use your linked card!) you’ll earn 1 or 2 kicks per dollar you spend. It’s a nice passive way to earn kicks without even opening the app. Some stores even offer bonus kicks if you spend a certain amount. For example, TJ Maxx is offering 75 kicks if you spend $25, 200 kicks for $50 and 500 kicks for $100 in addition to 1 kick for every dollar you spend. But be careful, remember to run your debit card as credit or you won’t earn kicks. Also, Best Buy requires you to have the cashier scan a QR code from your phone before the purchase. None of the other stores near me required a QR code but it’s worth just checking before your purchase.

Another downside to the linked card feature is you can only link Visa and Mastercard cards. Major bummer for me since my most used card is my Discover card and I totally leave kicks on the table just because I forget I should make my purchases with my linked card. Hopefully in the future Discover and American Express cards will be compatible too.

Side note: you ever think how much stores must pay in credit card fees? I’m going to have to look it up now because I’m totally curious.

See how easy it is to earn some kicks? For me, it’s one of those apps I love because it’s something I do with little effort. Usually I earn all my kicks through walk-ins so all I have to do is remember to pull out my phone and open the app when I walk through the door (and have my Bluetooth turned on - that’s how the app knows you walked into the store).

Now if I can only remember to pay with my linked card I’ll be earning so many more kicks this year! And then redeeming them for PayPal cash to pay off some of that pesky debt. Ugh, I’m obsessed.
Broke Dolly
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