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Adventures in Christmas Shopping: A Cure for Winter Blues

I’ve been busy the past few days trying to spruce up this place. I’m going to fake it until I make it with image editing. Wish me luck, I’ve got a lot to learn! I know I’ll have a little bit of an uphill battle with all that and going back and redoing old images over the next few days. I don’t know if that’s OCD or smart, but I’m going to be happy with better -and prettier- images either way!

Today, we're buried under eight inches of snow so I figured it was a good time to finally sit down and write this post (in between some photo editing).

I did still go shopping on Saturday. Tara and I actually did some pretty serious shopping, I was gone from noon until almost midnight. I just love shopping. Retail therapy is just what I needed to get out of the winter rut I always find myself in after the holidays.

If you remember I had three things on my list: puzzles, cologne and yellow towels.

Here’s the roundup of what we got up to and how much I spent:

First stop: Dunkin Donuts. Coffee for Tara and food for me. Total: $7.97.

This time our first stop was Marshalls. I didn’t buy anything but there were two items I wanted to buy. 1) An alpaca planter. I know that’s weird. But my elephant planter broke (RIP Edgar) and I can’t seem to find anything as cool as Edgar was. This planter was close (maybe slightly Christmas themed but not enough to prevent me using it the summer) and he was only $8.50! 2) A new shower rack (I honestly have no idea what it’s called but you know those things that hang off the shower head and hold your shampoo and what not? That’s it!) in a pretty mint green. It was perfect to replace the old beat up one in my guest bath. But I felt guilty since both items were for me and it was only the first store.

I figured I would come back for them if I was doing well towards the end of the day. Meaning if I bought some Christmas presents like I intended and wasn’t too broke. Another cool thing I saw at Marshalls that made the maybe Christmas list was a pair of suspenders and bow tie set for $15. I’ve never seen my boyfriend rock either but I think he would and they were pretty dope. I guess I just wasn’t ready to really commit to anything.

Next up was HomeGoods. I was on the hunt for yellow towels, the one thing I felt ok buying myself. Because I justified it by putting it on my list Friday night. There was some forethought so that makes it ok, right?

There were some really cool things in HomeGoods I was tempted by, like a neon green juicer for all the juice I don’t drink, aqua and teal cookie sheets (I didn’t know they made them in fun colors!) and a bluish garbage can that would match my kitchen perfectly (but $60 for a garbage can?! Is that really the going rate? Looks like I’ll be checking the clearance section my next visit).

But none of those things were on my Friday night list, so I resisted the urge to buy everything in fun hues and stuck to my towel mission. The good news - they had yellow towels! Yellow DKNY towels! Nobody has ever been so excited to purchase towels before and I don’t think anyone ever will be again. But they were exactly what I wanted. Not only were they yellow and soft but they’re also giant! Seriously, why do they even make tiny little bath towels?

Yay! Yellow towels!

I purchased two bath towels and two hand towels for a total of $30.23. My towels weren’t on clearance or anything but I was ok with that. I mean I did leave an alpaca planter on the shelf for them so ya know, I sacrificed something. Well, that’s how I’m going to justify paying full price anyways. But is anything at HomeGoods really full price anyways?

After HomeGoods we made our way over to TJ Maxx. One thing I’ve noticed at all the stores is the clearance sections are starting to go back to normal after all the Christmas clearance items from last month have mostly cleared out. They did have some shoes in my size for $15. It was hard to walk away, an 11 is no easy task to come by on clearance shoe racks, but I have about 400 pairs of shoes already. I didn’t need them and I walked away.

This spending less money thing is hard! But my willpower is a little stronger than I had originally thought, I saw results this first month (which I’ll share with you soon!) and the progress feels better than owning another pair of shoes that’ll mostly just sit in my closet. I did however make one purchase - cologne. Two purchases and two items checked off my list! Total spent at TJ Maxx: $16.21.

We then hit the mall and made our way through Macy’s and Dick’s Sporting Goods. Tara bought a few things but I was more than happy to window shop. I did want to go to Target but I was getting hungry (again!) so we skipped it and made our way over to the other side of town for food and Old Navy.

I wasn’t planning on going into Old Navy when we left in the morning but they had a crazy sale going on. I mean everything was on sale and clearance was an extra 40% off. If anything will draw me in to a store it’s a sign advertising such and such off clearance items.

I have to admit I spent a little more in Old Navy than I had anticipated. Ok, a lot more. But to be fair, I got some really, really, good deals. The shameful part of it all was that I spent $20 on a yellow hoodie when I already have more hoodies than most people have underwear. But I also spent $1.97 on a cute pair of leftover Christmas sweatpants (I have no shame, I’ll rock them year round - they have flamingos on them and flamingos scream summer! Even in Santa hats!).

I scored a polka dot cardigan for work for $2.08. I also grabbed two work shirts for Mike for $7.49 each. Then I broke down and I bought two of the sweaters I had been eyeing last time for Christmas. Only this time they had them in the right colors. Is a hunter green sweater worth $15? No. Is teal or lavender? Absolutely.

Sorry, no picture of Mike’s shirts, I wasn’t quick enough and he already has one on.

I spent $71.07 at Old Navy. Definitely more than I wanted to spend but $50 was for the hoodie (you know, the one I didn’t need) and the sweaters. At least some Christmas gifts were purchased.

I guess I still have a little work to do on that willpower thing. But who does have the willpower to walk away from $2 shirts? That person must be a myth. If not, I want to meet them because I'm gonna need some emotional support if I start walking away from sales like that.

After all that shopping I was starving. Once we packed all of our Old Navy stuff in the car, Tara and I finally grabbed some food. We split the bill (she ended up paying more, so we almost split the bill I guess) and my portion was $16.

I wanted to go back to Marshalls but by the time we were done with dinner Marshalls was closed. Instead we headed to Kohl’s (since we now know they're open late!) Kohl’s still isn’t my favorite store but I do have to admit you can find a bargain in there.

Tara and I scoured the sale racks and I found the last item on my list - a puzzle! How good does it feel to check off all three of the items on my Friday night game plan list? Oh. So. Good. It makes me feel almost organized. But not quite.

So many Christmas gifts!

I also found some pretty neat books over on the clearance racks! Everything I bought is actually for Christmas too. It feels so good to be making some headway for Christmas 2019. The total damage at Kohl's came out to $23.78. My total savings was $78.00. Kohl's might just win me over yet.

Total for the day: $165.26. Yikes, more than I wanted to spend but the good news is that I got a few different things for a few different people. If Old Navy wasn't practically giving stuff away I would have done better.

Total for non-Christmas items: $94.80

Cumulative total for Christmas 2019: $136.92

Tara and I are planning our next shopping excursion in the beginning of March. Hopefully all this snow will be done by then. We have a few different options a little bit further away so when the weather gets nicer we'll be checking them out. Believe me, I cannot wait for summer weather. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go shovel some more snow!
Broke Dolly
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